Where Can I Buy Cheap Dumbbells?

Working out, exercising, and lifting weights shouldn’t require too much money. You don’t need to spend that much in getting fit. All you need to do is be practical and use whatever you can use (without risking your safety, of course).

You won’t need that high end exercise equipment. All you need is a good pair of dumbbells, with a weight that you can lift. This leads to the next question – where can I buy cheap dumbells?

Check out this list below:

Local Stores and Sport Shops

Watch out for sales! Most sport shops offer up to 70% off on dumbbells. You can also find good sets in local stores like Argos, Sports Direct and other sports stores. However, don’t expect too much on the quality. You can use these generic dumbbells, but of course, there are some differences like materials used, quality, etc. If your main priority is to lift (and your safety), these dumbbells will do.

York Dumbbells UK

Online Stores

You can also watch out for great discounts on online stores like Amazon. Most of the time, sport shops offer huge discounts and promos on their online shops. You can subscribe to their newsletters to receive monthly emails of their featured products.

You can also find great buys on Facebook. It’s way cheaper to buy sports equipment to online sellers because most of them have direct contact to the manufacturer.

Second Hand Buys

Second hand dumbbells are also a great option. You can buy a high quality dumbbell with half of its original price. You can get used dumbbells on thrift stores, garage sales, and sometimes, on Craigslist. However, you need to make sure that the use dumbbells that you will buy are still in good condition.

These are just some options in buying cheap dumbbells. A piece of advice: A dumb bell is considered cheap not because of its price alone, but because it costs lower than its value.

New Website for Dating Belfast, Northern Ireland

Adult men and women in Northern Ireland who’ve tried online dating sites but have given up, unsatisfied with the results they found or the lack of features: there’s a fresh new choice….and it’s free!

You may have seen ads for other adult dating websites on the internet or TV and tried to sign up, only to be greeted with the all too familiar message saying ‘Not available in Northern Ireland’. But now there’s something exclusively for the single men and women of NI and not available to the rest of the UK.

Focused totally on singles in NI, Northern Dating limits membership to adults of Northern Ireland in the UK, but best of all, it’s free to join. Like other websites, there’s a premium subscription choice, for those that want more features and priority support. For anyone looking to find love close-by, the cost is minimal compared to the value.

Northern Dating is based in Belfast and recently underwent a complete rebranding including a brand new website making it easier to navigate and bursting with new features. The team are hard at work every day ensuring that members are kept safe from scammers and predators. To get up to minute news, information and offers join them on Facebook and Twitter.

The redesigned web site features a streaming web feed of new members with their pictures and location, to ensure singles constantly know who is new to the dating website and available to chat to. The site also features common social features such as uploading photos, private chat and page to show others all about yourself.

Northern Dating is a free to join dating website to help single adults in Northern Ireland find love. The website is only available to residents of NI. To learn more, please visit http://www.northerndating.com/

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